Balancing Nutrition For The Holidays


Keeping your nutrition in check around holiday season is always very stressful. If you are not currently following a diet plan, usually this is the time when you say, “I will just wait until the holidays are over to start my diet.” Or, if you are currently following nutrition guidelines its usually “I will be fine I’ve been doing good. I can have a cheat day.” The worst part about both of these scenarios is that either way, the next day you will be dragging, lethargic, have no motivation and worst of all, you will have leftovers :-).


The most important thing about sticking to the plan around this season is finding balance. Yes, I understand that some people can have multiple thanksgivings or Christmas due to visiting multiple families, friends, events, etc. But use portion control! For example: If you are having one thanksgiving or Christmas to attend, make sure you stick to the plan all day and use your holiday meal as a reefed or cheat meal. Try and stay away from having a “cheat day”. On the other hand, if you are visiting multiple locations, portion your day. Plan your main course for one location and have some small-portioned treats at your next.


This is a time to have fun, let loose and spend time with loved ones and I encourage my clients to do just that. But I also advise them to it within reason. The goal is to stay on track, have a good meal, enjoy yourself and most importantly to wake up the next day feeling energized and ready to get right back to the plan!


For more information or questions on balancing your diet or online training and nutrition, feel free to email me at Austin@AJXAesthetics.COM!

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