Clinical Sports Labs Review Clinical Protein

Clinical Sports Labs Review Clinical Protein


Let me start by saying I am not sponsored by this company nor am I a paid affiliate or rep. Being a personal trainer, coach and overall fitness and nutrition enthusiast, I am constantly researching and looking for the cleanest and most beneficial products on the market. When it comes to protein, I have not be able to find a product that mixed well, didn’t make me bloat, gave me discomfort and most importantly, tasted good.


I was introduced to Clinical Sports Labs when I met Mike Carrubba (founder and CEO) at a fitness competition. After I expressed my concerns and problems with other products, Mike asked me to try his protein product. Needless to say I tried his product and was very impressed. The flavors are unbelievable, it mixes very well and does not leave clumps of protein at the top of your shake. Beneficially, it fills all of my nutritional needs pre and or post workout.




The essential macronutrients are a perfect match with Protein at 22 grams per serving, carbohydrates at 5 grams and fats at 2.5 grams. I personally like protein supplements low in carbs because it gives me options pre or post workout for carb consumption.


Clinical Protein is an ultra-premium time release protein matrix designed to deliver amino acids for up to 3.5 hours. Other protein powders use whey proteins and have a short life (1 hour or less). Clinical Protein’s tri-blend sustained protein matrix blend is formulated with the precise ratio of 60:40 (whey proteins to milk protein) to achieve the perfect clinical dose for maximum gains. Studies have shown blended proteins in this ratio achieve greater results then just whey protein alone. Don’t cheat yourself out of potential gains by using only a single source of protein.



Clinical Protein is the ultimate shake. Because of the fast and slow absorption you can take Clinical Protein anytime. That’s the power of the Tri-Blend matrix! Clinical Protein also has added medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) for a quick burst of energy. Your body uses MCTs as a fast energy source and doesn’t store them as fat which makes a perfect choice for your pre-workout meal!

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