All programs are tailored specifically for each individual and are 100% focused on goals and results. Programs come with a custom-built meal plan, fitness routine, cardiovascular routine and a supplement guide. Also included is my step by step guide on how to get started, what to shop for, prepping and cooking tips, and a weekly check in document to go over the past week and make adjustments if necessary. Most importantly each client will have 24/7 support for anything regarding his or her program, fitness plan and or nutrition guidelines.

Non-Competitive: Program(s) based on overall health, correct training principles and proper nutrition education.

Have a busy life? Long hours? Or are you just un-educated in nutrition or fitness and need a change? I will take care of everything from day-day training outlines, custom nutrition plan to fit YOUR schedule, to supplement guides and cardio protocols!

Competitive: Program(s) range from off-season plans, to contest prep, to reverse dieting. I will work with you one on one, 24/7 to get you to your peak physique. All competitive programs will be discussed via phone/text, Skype/FaceTime or email free of charge (free consultation).

In most cases, I do not take on first time competitors unless you commit to at least 20 weeks with me or have been training/dieting for a certain period of time. This can be discussed during your free consultation.

Payments: Payments for all programming can be paid monthly or in 8, 12 or 16-week installments (discounted).

Anyone and everyone are welcome to a free consultation with me to discuss ANY type of programming for nutrition or training.