Competition Coaching

I provide contest preparation services to clients both on a personal, one to one basis and online for those who do not live locally. The length of your prep will depend on your current level of conditioning, experience, show date and personal goals. Some individuals may be advised to run an off-season program or pre-prep phase that will be necessary in order to build and balance the body before strict contest prep occurs. Either way, I will guide you with proper training and nutrition and create a plan to bring your best overall package to the stage. WHO I WORK WITH
  1. Fitness Models
  2. Bodybuilders (including Men’s Physique, Muscle Model, Fitness Model)
  3. Female Competitors (Bikini, Physique, Fitness and Figure)
  • -Weekly online check in’s to go over changes in weight, any issues with gas, bloating and digestion with the purpose of making adjustments for the following week to stay on track.
  • -Fine tuning current nutrition, supplementation and training protocols in relation to progress photos and changes in weight.
  • -24/7 Support via e-mail or text messaging to address any particular questions or concerns.
Pricing: 12 Weeks: $450.00 16 Weeks: $600.00 OFFLINE COACHING
  • -Personal Training Sessions as frequent as needed to keep your training up to speed, work on proper form and/or go over new movements in protocols.
  • -In-person modifications to your nutrition and training programming to ensure continual progress.
  • -24/7 Support via e-mail or text to address any particular questions or concerns.
Pricing: 12 Weeks: $450.00 16 Weeks: $600.00 Personal Training and In Person Consultation pricing not included!   Reverse Dieting Reverse dieting is one of the most important parts of prep. Being at a great depletion, after your show you will want to indulge in every type of food. This is the time when most athletes “go off the wagon” and gain everything they worked so hard to burn off. I will provide you with the proper diet and support to get you slowly back to eating full, healthy, well balanced meals!
  • Customized Diet
  • Weekly Adjustments (if needed)
  • 24/7 Support
Pricing: 4 Weeks: $150.00 6 Weeks: $200.00 8 weeks: $275.00     Contact me today for a FREE Consultation by Clicking Here!!!