Rotating Your Food Sources

Rotating Your Food Sources

Have you found yourself becoming bloated? Having stomach discomfort? Or even experiencing a lack of bowel movements? Well if any of these are the case, I have a question to ask you.


How often do you rotate food sources? 


It is really easy to fall into the routine of consuming the same foods over and over again due to how easy they might be to prepare ahead of time or due to our personal preference for an acquired taste.




But did you know that to optimize overall health, wellness, and performance it’s important to make sure you provide your body with a number of nutrients from various sources.




When you consistently eat the same foods over and over not only are you missing out on a number of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals found in other foods that are lacking from your nutritional program but your also putting yourself at risk for developing immune insensitivity responses; poor digestion, inflammation, loose bowel movements, etc.


What can you do?


Expand past your normal nutrient sources spectrum! Add a variety of colorful foods, and let your taste buds run wild! Go to your local supermarket and pick up one, two, or even three new foods each week. Whether it’s a new protein, carbohydrate, or fat source by adding in a variety of sources and actually removing certain foods that you eat on a daily basis, you’ll allow your immune system a break.




This will in turn work to your immune systems advantage; fighting infections, increase your metabolism, and help aid in fat loss or building lean muscle tissue.


Written by Thomas Lawrence

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