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“Austin is the kind of coach most wish to have. I was one of those ‘lost in the motions’ kind of people who had a goal to reach maximum health and nutrition, but never had the means nor the knowledge to get there. I was introduced to him by a friend who had been training for a WBFF competition. She saw my dissatisfaction of not being able to reach my goals and gave me his information. I reached out to Austin, and no less than a few days later I was on the phone for a free consultation. He offered me a 12 week program and 24/7 support if I began this process, so I thought ‘Let’s do this; I’m ready.’ In less than 24 hours I had begun on my program and within the week I began immediately seeing results. My body took a while to adjust to the new lifestyle I was beginning, but Austin was there through every frantic and panicked moment. He worked me through the ins and outs of what could be happening and all I had to do was give him a little trust and he always proved me right. I have stood by his methods and never questioned his knowledge, because I believe he cares immensely about me, and all of his clients. Those who go through Austin’s program not only earn a greatly knowledgeable coach, but an intelligent being who is dedicated and prideful in the business he has created. I could not imagine working with anyone else besides him.”

Meg August 12, 2016

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