The Importance Of Fiber

The Importance Of Fiber

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What’s the importance? Why do we need it? Benefits?


Between Whole Grain, Fruits, and Vegetables you would think that it is easy for the average person to hit their daily fiber needs. But unfortunately this is hardly the case. Due to low carbohydrate, and high protein diets the majority of use fail to meet these 30-35g requirements. Due to this inadequate intake of fiber we are putting ourselves at risk for number of health risks/implications such as high cholesterol, bowl irregularity, high blood pressure, weight management issues, diabetes, and certain forms of cancer.


So with all of this information know in front of us, what’s truly the role of fiber? Is it just materials used to help us remove waste from our bodies? It works by adding bulk, which keeps other foods moving through the digestive system. Certain types of soluble fiber may absorb in water and turn into a gel which binds to the various types of food, sugars, cholesterol and fats in our stomachs and carries them through the digestive tract. Insoluble fiber passes through the system largely intact and promotes regularity. Both are needed to maintain a strong bill of health.


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Some benefits in which one can expect from consuming the proper amount of fiber on a daily basis or increase their intake are the following


A. Support your digestive system; specifically prebiotic fiber, because it feeds the good bacteria called probiotics that live in there. This bacteria keeps your digestive system well balanced, supports your immune system and helps to avoid digestive problems to maintain the overall health of your digestive system.
B. Maintain immunity, and promote overall well-being
C. Adding fiber to your diet may help with weight loss. In general, foods high in fiber require more chewing time. This gives your body time to register when you’re no longer hungry, and you are less likely to overeat. Also, eating a high-fiber diet may cause you to stay full for a longer amount of time
D. Keeps you regular in terms with bowel movements
E. Slows down the absorption of Sugars; Keeping your blood sugar levels at a more sustainable level
F. Lowers blood cholesterol levels


Foods to consume for fiber Benefits: Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Whole Grains, Beans/Legumes, High Fiber/Bran options


** Make sure to consume fiber options with an adequate amount of WATER; to help with the increasing amount of absorption, and to keep things moving right along  **


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